About Us

About Us | Em's Baker's Depot

For the world’s most sumptuous creations, you can count on us.


Our daily promise to customers is that they can count on us to make their life’s moments memorable. Em’s Bakers Depot is a company immersed in getting you only high-quality baking ingredients to help you create recipes with sumptuous flavours.


Our vision is to provide high quality, specialty products in the market, while maintaining excellent customer satisfaction in every interaction.

Brand Introduction

Em’s Bakers Depot is a start-up baking ingredients retailer whose products range from a variety of branded baking goods. Em’s products are meant to remind customers how sumptuous mom used to bake, with all the wholesome goodness of home baking and wonder of mixed flavours.

Meigan Tinio has started out her career with a flour manufacturing company. It was all about chicken breading, morning bakery goods but never about flavours to be exact. Although not a far cry from what she started, Em’s Bakers Depot is an entirely separate business entity focused on retail more than anything else.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people have found themselves exploring more of what they’ve always wanted to do—and baking happens to be one of the prevalent hobbies people are into most of these days. Meigan saw an opportunity to bring top-notch ingredients to people’s home without the hassle of having to surge the whole grocery for rare to find baking elements.
What first started out as a hobby is now a brand that people go to for their baking needs.